The Blog experiment continues.  In the past week business has increased dramatically.  I look at it like a faucet slowly being turned on.  Its just a few drips right now, but at least I’m getting some water bask, and not just watching it all go down the drain.  The drain analogy may be a bit to extreme.  What I’m getting at is that it’s nice to see money coming in , since all that money went out to set up the business.

I was told that the key to success in starting your own business was to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.  My strength is the wine tours, and building relationships with the clients.  My main weaknesses are maintaining the social media marketing, and the maintenance of the website, as well as online marketing.  Success depends on discovering the weaknesses and surrounding yourself with people that have strengths where your weakness is.  I found a book keeper whom I trust immensely, and a young woman who is going to school for social media marketing,  The young lady is trying to build her portfolio and is very motivated to help.  Bottom line —– bring in people who can do what you can’t do.